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At least 80% of the Social Imprints workforce are from at-risk populations.

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Empowering Employees

Social Imprints provides career opportunities and a living wage to people who need a second chance.

We empower our employees by offering them the training and experience to reach their personal goals and we give our employees freedom to take any and all steps necessary to deliver excellent, innovative customer service.

At least 80% of the Social Imprints workforce are from
at-risk populations:

  • Formerly incarcerated individuals released within 2 years
  • Recovering addicts who’ve been sober at least 2+ years
  • Low-income individuals who have been on and off public assistance
  • Individuals with less than a high school education
  • Veterans discharged within 5 years

Employee Career Opportunities

  • Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing 
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting 
  • Graphic Arts
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How Social Imprints empowers its employees to deliver excellent customer service:

Employee Incentive Plan

We recognize employees who work hard and become an intricate part of our business by sharing our company’s success with them. Employees are annually chosen by employee vote to participate in the company’s incentive plan, which provides employees additional financial compensation based on company profits.

Pay competitive wages

Every employee is paid a wage equal to or greater than a comparable promotional products company.

Maintain open company records and financials

All business matters, including salaries and financial documents, are conducted transparently.

Demonstrate democratic work values

Employees are encouraged to help set compensation, schedules, and responsibilities.

Offer free support services

We fund employee support services, including counseling and self-improvement opportunities.