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Jeff Sheinbein


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bloomberg Business Week named Social Imprints founder Jeff Sheinbein “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur” in 2011. As a guest speaker, Jeff delivers a passionate message on the power of social business to change lives, transform society, and help create healthy, expansive business cultures.

Jeff serves on the Advisory Council of Meridian International Global Service Leaders. A two time Investors’ Circle finalist, he has led three highly successful social enterprises in the US and abroad.

Jeff started his career as managing director of AI, a non-profit screen printing and embroidery company in San Francisco that hires from an at-risk adult population. Under Jeff’s leadership, AI became one of the country's most successful nonprofit enterprises of its size, and one of the most profitable businesses in the US screen-printing industry.

The Community Action Network in London hired Jeff to replicate his successful business model there. While in the UK, Jeff led social enterprise workshops for hundreds of aspiring young social entrepreneurs.

Jeff has enjoyed a second career as an independent consultant with nonprofits and social enterprises, helping them find their identity and grow. His clients include Golden Gate Community Inc., The Body Positive, ShareForward, East West Holistic Center, and the Borders Books Free Classes Program.

Jeff received a B.A. in Economics at U.C. Berkeley with a minor in Business Administration.

You can reach Jeff Sheinbein at 415-956-0269 x303 or jeff@socialimprints.com.

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Kevin McCracken


Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

In the last 10 years, Kevin McCracken has mastered all aspects of custom printing. After completing a drug and alcohol rehab program at Walden House, he was hired by AI, a non-profit screen printing and embroidery company. Kevin started as an administrative assistant and was quickly promoted to sales manager, ultimately succeeding Jeff Sheinbein as managing director.

Upon leaving AI, Kevin started a successful custom printing company that provides merchandise for many of the Bay Area's most popular bands, including Metallica. He was also a managing partner at one of the country's most successful high-volume printers. Under his leadership, the company increased sales by 50 percent to $2M and was recognized by the printing industry's premier trade journal, Impressions, as a leading U.S. high-volume printer.

Kevin McCracken has been profiled in High Volume Printer, which recognized him as one of the industry's brightest young talents. In 2004, he received Bank of America's Neighborhood Leader Award.

I would enjoy talking with you about Social Imprints and its inspiring mission. Feel free to call or email: 415-956-0269 x305 | kevin@socialimprints.com. But be warned I just might talk your ear off about Social Imprints!

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