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With over 70 million members, Pinterest is the number-three social network. The Pinterest photo-sharing model lets users create theme-based image collections for their events, interests, and hobbies.

The folks at Pinterest approached us with the following challenges:

Challenge 1:

“Create a brand-new internal store where Pinterest employees can purchase custom-branded promotional products for themselves, or as gifts for friends and family.”

“Build a web store that mimics a Pinterest board.”

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Social Imprints’ solution 1:

Social Imprints built a web store that mirrors the look-and-feel of a Pinterest page.

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Challenge 2: “Create products that highlight the Pinterest logo and reflect the “Pinteresty” do-it-yourself attitude.” Social Imprints’ solution 2:

We stocked the store with “Pinteresty” products displayed as “Pinterest Pins.”

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Challenge 3: “Respond to customer service issues, and maintain pre-fixed inventory levels to ensure that product never runs out.” Social Imprints’ solution 3:

The Social Imprints inventory management system sends daily inventory alerts, ensuring that we never run out of product.

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Challenge 4: “Be responsible for accounting and ownership of merchandise.” Social Imprints’ solution 4:

Social Imprints created a special arrangement whereby it owns the merchandise, so Pinterest never has to deal with accounting issues.

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