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Lyft case study

social imprints solutions for lyft

Need a ride? Lyft offers you a welcoming, affordable, memorable trip. The highly successful Lyft phone app connects people needing transportation with over 50,000 drivers in 65+ US cities.

The folks at lyft approached us with the following

Challenge 1:

Lyft asked Social Imprints to create a website where its drivers could order company-branded goods to give away to VIP riders and at special events. Lyft needed to avoid keeping a large inventory, but wanted drivers to receive their merchandise promptly.

Social Imprints’ solution 1:

Social Imprints created a Lyft webstore. Drivers were offered a two-week pre-order period that allowed Social Imprints to develop company-themed products and gauge the volume of inventory required to deliver Lyft merchandise consistently within three days.

Challenge 2:

Create 40,000 fun promotional products co-branded with the logo of the World Champion SF Giants to be given away at a Giants home game, at a cost of less than $2 per item.

Social Imprints’ solution 2:

Picture – A co-branded foam finger, designed by Social Imprints and manufactured in Asia in less than two weeks.

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Made from polyurethane open cell sponge and is compliant for childrens use.

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The Lyft webstore offers branded T-shirts, water bottles, key chains, caps, and of course the pink mustache!

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